Book Blast and Review: Drop Dead Handsome by M.K. Scott


Drop Dead Handsome is the first book I’ve read by M.K. Scott although it is the second book in the Painted Lady Inn Mysteries. 

Donna Tollhouse runs the Painted Lady Inn, a bed and breakfast, which also happens to host a few people from her high school in town for the 30-year reunion. Unfortunately, a few of Donna’s least desirable classmates have chosen to stay at the Painted Lady Inn, including her narcissistic crush, Wynn, and his then-on-and-off girlfriend, Terri. And then there is Arnie, who wrote her a poem in high school calling her hot mama. There are other guests, too, like the Babbles, a bickering and dog napping couple in town for a wedding; Dean and Marvin, a pair of friends checking out antiques in the area; Eunice, a nosy octogenarian in search of a good mystery and a discount, Jeff Ferguson, Father Christmas come to life; and Lorena Fitzgerald, who’s in town visiting friends.

The rest of the characters who round out this cozy mystery are Maria, Donna’s sister-in-law, Daniel, her brother and Mark Taber, a handsome detective.

There’s a whole lot of cozy in this mystery and there were times that there was just too much information about the inn or the food that I wished the plot got going instead of lingering in all the details. When Drop Dead Handsome aka dead body finally appears, the plot progresses nicely to reveal its surprise killer. I just wish Donna as the third person limited narrator wasn’t too hung up on inn-keeping duties and worries that she’d actually seen it coming. As it is, when the killer appears, it’s a quizzical “oh” instead of, “oh?” But that’s just me. Overall I liked it and there’s a hint of the next mystery about to land at the Painted Lady Inn. I will be reading the first book to get acquainted with the recurring characters and find out the deal about the first murder that happened.

We also get recipes of some of the dishes Donna makes, and that was a nice addition to this charming story.

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