Book Review: My Perfect Mistress by Carly Quinn

MistressMy Perfect Mistress (An Erotic Short Story) is Carly Quinn’s debut novelette about a young woman named Zoe.  Between her divorce, the death of a parent, and the quick remarriage of the surviving parent, she’s having a heck of a tough year and she needs to blow off some steam.  When her best friend suggests she go online and explore some alternative-lifestyle websites, she figures she’s got nothing to lose if she’s just looking, right?

Well, kinda.

When she sets out to look for a Dom of her own to teach her the ropes, what she finds is someone she never expects – the perfect man who’s looking for a Mistress.  What follows are their online exchanges, from tentative hello’s and even a bit of storytelling on her end, though what follows next is for you to find out, and I hope you do.

What surprised me first about My Perfect Mistress – right off the bat – is the cover.  It’s not your usual waif-like figured woman and her hunky man.  She’s a BBW and damn proud of it, too – which is a good thing and something I’d like to see more of.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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9 replies to “Book Review: My Perfect Mistress by Carly Quinn

    1. Long time no see, Zee! Yes, I love that the cover is of a BBW – and with a hunk in the foreground 😀

      And you’re so right about books touting their OFC to be BBW and then having a waif on the cover. I have to do a double take and go, hmm…

      1. I have screamed long and hard over the deceptive advertising. As a BBBW (Bold, Bodacious and Beautiful Woman) I appreciate the truth on the cover. I hope she continues this.

      2. (Oh, and I”ve been around. It’s just I started a new job a few months back and I’m just getting moved into more permanent housing. Like I moved Yesterday and right now I’m breathing dust, mold, and lemon scented wood cleaner.

  1. Thanks for the awesome review!! I’ve been running around like crazy today and this was such a nice surprise when i finally sat down at my computer.

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